Therapy Rugs

Whether you have got a horse or pony competing at a high level, or an older equine needing a bit of TLC for aches, pains and stiff joints an equine therapy rug can provide a good addition to any tack room.

These beneficial equine rugs are available in a variety of different forms including; massage rugs, magnetic rugs and even ionic therapy rugs for horses! Though not a replacement for manual Physiotherapy, Chiropractic or massage treatment the use of these rugs can offer a range of positive benefits! These include such as increasing blood flow and circulation in key areas and bringing increased levels of oxygen to muscles to help clear toxins from the body. Therapy rugs are ideal for use both before and after exercise to prepare muscles for work and post ride to help to reduce any lactic acid build up caused by exercise.

High-tec massage rugs such as Horseware’s ‘Sportzvibe’, through their action, will help warm up muscle before work and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards and effectively reduce muscle tension. Magnetic rugs can also be helpful as magnetic therapy encourages blood flow and increases cellular activity in the body. Magnets in themselves do not heal, but when a powerful magnet is placed against the body, cellular activity is increased, and this in turn is said to increase the rate at which cells regenerate and repair!

Ionic Therapy rugs are quite new to the market and are really kicking up a storm! These rugs are infused with a substance known as tourmaline with releases negative ions which can cause a change in the water in the horse’s body allowing increased blow flow and circulation and increased levels of oxygen. Tourmaline itself is a naturally occurring crystal and it releases an electric charge which converts the surrounding air molecules to negative ions which can be absorbed by the body to help strengthen the circulatory and endocrine system.

The Saddlery Shop has a selection of Ionic Therapy Rugs designed by brand leader Rambo.