Cleaning and Caring for Rugs

We want to do all we can to ensure our horse or pony’s rug will last as long as possible in as good condition as possible.

As well as providing expensive to replace, and more crucially, a damaged, ripped or non-waterproof rug will also not provide our equines with the warmth and protection they require from the elements, and this may impact on their wellbeing and comfort!

One option when it comes to getting your rugs nice and clean is to send them to a professional rug cleaner. A professional will be able to use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that your rug gets the proper cleaning and treatment that it requires. This is sometimes essential when a thick or a large rug needs cleaning as for most of us the washing machine simply won’t be big enough!

Many large tack shops and feed merchants offer an external rug cleaning service and the majority of these companies also offer reproofing and repair services.

If you want to give cleaning your rug a go yourself, most smaller, lightweight rugs will be machine washable, but just ensure you read the washing instructions before popping the rug in your machine!

For larger rugs why not try the following. Lay the rug on the floor or over a fence or stable door and brush with a hard-bristled brush to remove excess mud and dirt. Then fill a large bin or trough with hot water and non-biological soap, drop in the rug and use a clean broom to scrub the rug. Finish by ensuring your rug dries thoroughly by hanging it for a day in the sunshine. Remember that you will still need to get any turnout rugs re-proofed.

On a day-to-day basis, keeping your pony’s or horse rug in good nick can be covered in three simple tips from The Saddlery Shop.

1. Check Your Rug Daily

Every day you should check your horse rug for damage as this will allow you to stop minor tears in their tracks. It’s important to check the straps for safety reason and that the waterproofing is doing its job for your equine’s comfort and wellbeing.

2. Store Your Horse Rug Properly

A horse rug should be stored hanging to allow it to air dry easily. Once dry, a folded horse rug should be stored in a well-ventilated area.

3. Keep a Spare Rug

When a horse rug needs to be washed or repaired it’s essential to have a spare rug for your horse to use in the meantime. Keeping a spare means when disaster strikes you are not underprepared!