Information about Wintec Saddles

Modern synthetic saddles are truly a viable (and often more suitable) alternative to leather saddles in this day and age, and have come a long way from the original material saddles that were first seen a number of years ago. Wintec are one of the leading brands of synthetic saddles in the UK and worldwide.

Wintec saddles are crafted to the same high standards as a traditional English leather saddle, but with several advantages.

Wintec synthetic saddles are considerably lighter than leather saddles making them easier to carry and more comfortable for your horse.

Wintec saddles are ideal for use in all weather conditions as synthetic materials are quick drying and easy to clean. Wintec saddles give you greater riding freedom, and offer an ideal alternative for use in inclement conditions, which would otherwise damage a leather saddle.

Wintec saddles are very hardwearing and are covered by a full one year warranty against faulty materials, or workmanship. Furthermore the Elastiflex Saddle Tree used in Wintec saddles is warranted against breakage for the lifetime of the saddle. (please note warranties on Wintec Saddles are subject to use under normal conditions and provided care instructions are correctly followed).

All of the materials used in Wintec saddles are subject to a series of laboratory tests and are evaluated against a stringent set of specifications during their manufacture and supply. The tests conducted include testing for abrasion resistance using proven "Taber Testing" equipment, UV resistance and dye ratings. Laminated materials are also tested for peel strengths, tensile and tear strengths. The test results are written into material specifications, which are provided to all material suppliers for Wintec products. They also conduct random audits on materials to check their consistency and quality against specifications and ensure quality standards for Wintec saddles are met at all times

The saddles Elastiflex tree achieves optimal levels of strength and flexibility throughout. Thie Wintec tree whilst being incredibly strong and durable for horse and rider the tree is also super-thin and flexible to allow full spring tree performance which facilitates excellent communication between horse and rider.

The Wintec saddles elastiflex tree has been designed to be rigid in the head and strong along the line following the horse's spine whilst having lateral flex across the horse's back for stability with freedom of movement. The stiffness afforded in the tree along the horse's spine is important as it distributes the rider’s weight evenly. If a saddle tree is too flexible along the horse's spine the weight will bear down on the horse's back causing injury.

A Spring Steel Gullet in the Wintec tree ensures the head of the saddle stays completely rigid whilst allowing the seat flexibility. The Wintec Gullet has been heat tempered in order to set the shape of the head of the saddle and guarantee the tree will never spread throughout the saddle's lifetime. Wintec saddles are available to use with a choice of six different gullet sizes from narrow to extra wide and are easily changed to alter the fit of the saddle over the horse's wither in minutes with just the use of a screwdriver (this is true of all models except the Wintec 250 which requires the stitching to be removed and replaced).

The elastiflex trees flexible tree points combine with a wide chamber at the head of the saddle and allow your horse's shoulders to move freely without pressure or pinching. In addition the wide chamber throughout the length of the saddle distributes your weight across the broad area of your horse's back muscles helping to prevent any pressure to either side of the backbone.

Stainless Steel Stirrup Bars are used in all Wintec saddles, and are fully moulded and hand polished. The stirrup bars incorporate all the qualities inherent in stainless steel, superior strength, durability and will not rust. The stirrup bars are designed with a hook end for rider safety as opposed to a clip end which has been known to break or lock up. Safety is one of Wintec’s priorities. The saddles stirrup bars are recessed under the elastiflex tree to help remove the lump of the stirrup leather from under the rider's leg and are also angled to make it easier to slide leathers on and off. Wintec dressage saddles also feature in addition to this extended stirrup bars in order to position the stirrup leather further back to achieve better rider balance.

The seat is made from a super enduro seat foam, and has been specially moulded to shape as opposed to being cut from thin sheet foam. This far superior alternative method of manufacture enables the seat foam to be up to 1 and 1/2 inches thick and ensures a high resilience. The enduro seat and will not ride down throughout the lifetime of the saddle, ensuring permanent comfort and shock-absorption. Enduro is a specially manufactured foam that is open celled, allowing for better heat dissipation and breatheability.

Wintec saddles feature a moveable bloc under the flap which allows the rider to individually tailor their thigh and knee support increasing comfort and enhancing the rider's performance.

These blocs are known as Flexiblocs, and at least one pair are normally supplied with all Wintec saddlesGeneral Purpose and Dressage saddles. In addition to this dressage blocs come in regular or large (both supplied with the Isabel).

The Wintec 2000 and Pro skirts slightly differ from other Wintec saddles, featuring very fine edges to make the transition from the skirt to the flap as smooth as possible under the rider's leg.

Real Male and Female Velcro® is used in Wintec saddles as opposed to brush nylon in order to achieve much stronger grip, durability and permeability. Velcro® is also used in the head of the saddle to support the Easy Change Gullet System and under the flap of the saddle to make the flexiblocs secure and adjustable.

For additional security, all Wintec saddles are numbered which ensures traceability and security in the case of theft. The unique registration number can be found on a care label that is attached to the panel of the Wintec saddle near the girth points.