Common problems and solutions with hoof boots

Problem: Probable cause: Solution:
Twisting when in use Usually occurs when the boot is too big, too wide, or the horse is brushing. More often seen on hind feet as many horses have a tendency to ‘screw’ their foot on the floor causing the boot to twist. Contact us using the hoof boot Enquiry form Enquiry form And we can help find a better fitting boot for your horses hooves and their individual action/ conformation.
Rubbing Rubbing will occur on the heels if the boot is too short in the length. Usually more common in horses with under run heels, or boots that fit above the coronet band. Can also occur with boots that are the wrong size/ shape for the hoof, or when the boot is too big. Try the next size up if the length measurement exceeds the recommended length for that boot size, or conversely down if the boot seems very loose. For boots that fit above the hairline, and where the fit is correct, try using gaiters, pastern wraps or if these take up too much room old woolen socks, tubi grip, (tights where space is very limited!) or sometimes vet wrap also works very well.
Sore feet even with boots on Dropped or thin soles, laminitis, other hoof pathology Use 12mm soft green comfort pads, where boots allow.
Ripped gaiters/broken cables or lost boots Hoof boot is not the best fit for the hoof or was not fitted correctly/tightly enough. Most common cause is the horse treading on himself during exercise, either overreaching or spooking. The parts of the boots are designed to break to prevent a serious accident, if the boot didn’t break the horse could be brought down! Check the break over is not too long in front- a length that is over 5mm longer than the horses actual measurements is enough to slow the front hoof down long enough for a hind foot to come through and tread the boot off. If the horse is trimmed in such a way as to prolong break over, even when booted to fit the foot the break over can never be short enough so check with your trimmer if loosing boots becomes a problem and the boots are correct. Over reach boots on any boot hoof can sometimes help if all other angles have been covered, but as with shoes, some horses will always be at risk of lost boots as they would be with shoes.


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