Hoof Boot Enquiry Form

If you are looking to get boots for riding, please ensure that your horse has had a trim suitable for a working barefoot horse (within the last 7 days), and that you (or whoever is measuring the horse) has read our measuring guide before you take any measurements.

If you need boots for therapeutic reasons and the horse/ pony is in immediate need (e.g. laminitis, for use in a stable/ yard/ very small area) we can help to boot any hoof, but please let us know as much information as possible in the comments.

Our advice is based on the Information you give us, so the more accurate the information, the more likely the boots are to fit and work well. Our booting expert is the most experienced in the UK at 'remotely' fitting boots, but please be aware that ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you are happy with the fit and safety of the boots before and while using them.

If you have any questions or concerns about the boots before or after purchase, please reply to this thread to enable us to have all the information to hand which will enable us to respond as quickly and accurately as possible.

Hoof boot enquires are answered as a priority, most are answered within 4 working hours (urgent enquires are answered as soon as they are seen within working hours).

We keep the largest stocks of hoof boots in the UK, so as soon as you know what you need you will be able to get them from us quickly. In addition to free delivery (for most areas of the UK), we have an express delivery option which is usually next working day in case you need your boots urgently.

If you have more than one horse, please fill in a separate enquiry form for for each horse.

Please ensure only measurements that have been taken in mm (not converted from inches) are used, and that you have measured to the nearest mm and not rounded up or down. Correct measurements are critical to receiving the correct advice.

Width: (mm) Length: (mm)
Front Left
Front Right
Hind Left
Hind Right


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