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A Horse's Ode To His Owner

04 December 2017 17:31

I can’t stay out - Mum, it's cold outside.

I need more rugs! Mum, it’s cold outside.

A thick Weatherbeeta please would be...

So very nice - just feel my ears! They're just like ice.

Without my Roma Satin Shoulder Guard, I’ll worry.

A Horseware Amigo Hero 6 plus Turnout Rug - I’m in a hurry!

I warn you, I will pace the floor - Listen to my horsey-roar!

I need a Saxon 600 Standard Neck Lite Turnout Rug, or I’ll scurry!

Santa’s coming mum, please hurry!


The neighbours will wink - your horse is cold out there!

With a WeatherBeeta Genero 1200D Combo Medium, I’d have flair...

A 5ft 9” in red and navy, and I will look like starlight, now...

To break this spell - the Mark Todd mediumweight pony turnout would look swell!

In a Horseware Amigo insulator hood, to catch, I’d come closer!

At least you could say you tried - with a Horseware underblanket plus, you’d keep your pride!

I can’t stay out - Mum, it's cold outside.


I simply must come in - Mum, it's cold outside.

The answer is no? I’ll kick the gate outside!

A thicker rug would be so very nice!

So cosy and warm - Horseware’s Optimo turnout rug, great in a storm!

My fieldmate will be suspicious; the Weatherbeeta Detach a Neck Combo heavy looks so delicious!

The Shetland will be there at the door - dreaming of a tropical shore.

I warn you, I may turn vicious - the Amigo Hero 6 Plus rug’s on sale, looks auspicious!

With The Saddlery Shop’s rugs, we’d be warmer in a blizzard than before.

Mum, it’s cold outside!


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