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Measuring Barefoot Horses For Hoof Boots

06 July 2017 06:04
Our customers at The Saddlery Shop know that when choosing boots, you need to establish the right size. Here are our top tips! You should measure your horse''s hooves within seven days of a fresh trim, taking the width and length in mm. Width is taken at the widest point of the horse&rsquos hoof (normally approximately halfway or slightly over halfway towards the heel from the toe). The length is [...]

Head Shaking When Ridden

02 June 2017 12:06
If your horse is head shaking during ridden work, it is firstly essential to distinguish whether the head shaking is behavioral due to issues like discomfort from the tack or the bit, or whether your horse is suffering with a sinus or tooth issue, or a serious neurological problem. If after a visit from your veterinarian they are unable to detect signs of major damage to the sensory nerves or a si[...]

Common Types Of Horse Bits

29 March 2017 03:35
Most tack stores offer an overwhelming selection of bits for sale - and here at the Saddlery Shop, we certainly have an enviable selection, and our bitting knowledge is extensive. So, knowing the difference between the common bits on the market can help you decide which type of bit is right for your horse or pony.Horses are of course individuals, and this means our equines all have different mouth[...]

Horse Bleeding From Mouth - Possible Causes

21 February 2017 12:03
We have all seen the high profile cases within dressage competition, whereby a steward has noticed blood coming from a horse&rsquos mouth. But what causes it? Typically, bleeding from the equine mouth is an indication of a wound to the inside of the mouth, or the horse or pony&rsquos tongue. Sometimes, this situation happens due to the unfortunate circumstance of a stressful incident or accidenta[...]

Top Tips For Sizing A Horse Bit By The Saddlery Shop

31 January 2017 02:37
Lucy Nicholas offers sizing tips, ahead of bit purchase.. If you want to obtain a new bit for your horse, once you&rsquore sure your horse&rsquos mouth is cut free and comfortable, you can then measure the horse&rsquos mouth for the new bit. There are a few methods available that will enable you to measure your horse&rsquos mouth in order to determine the correct size of bit. Firstly and most [...]

Hoof Care In Winter - Are You Managing Your Horses Barefoot?

31 January 2017 02:20
I am very interested in barefoot hoofcare, and know that many readers will be managing their horses barefoot as winter continues. I&rsquod like to offer my top tips on helping your horse or pony to stay sound and healthy:&nbsp Winter Diet For Horses Diet is key when it comes to equine hoofcare - its especially important in winter! To optimise hoof health, I suggest feeding hay (preferably mea[...]

Bitting Q&A

27 June 2016 10:28
We thought you may like to hear about a recent bitting issue that Lucy Nicholas helped a customer of The Saddlery Shop with.Question -Dear Lucy NicholasI am desperate to find an answer to my young horse’s bitting problems. He is a 15.2hh Warmblood x pony rising 5yrs.I have owned him since a foal and he is a big, confident character who does like to be in charge of situations. His main problem is t[...]

Do you dare to bare?

24 June 2016 09:23
How lovely it was to see Pippa Hutton’s ride Belmondo in Horse &amp Hound magazine recently - this is an elite dressage horse that is managed barefoot. The gelding, co-owned by Talland’s renowned dressage guru (and Pippa’s mother) Pammy Hutton, allowed Pippa to finish as the best placed Brit in the recent Under 25s team test at the European Championships. “He’s my knight in shining armour and pro[...]

Treating horses with bites

03 June 2016 04:55
For a one-off bite, apply an ice pack, or bathe with cool, salt water. (You can purchase re-usable gel packs that remain flexible when frozen.)For multiple fly bites, a mild horse shampoo can cool the inflamed skin and will help to remove irritating scurf and bacteria. As they are alkaline, a sting from a wasp (pictured) should be bathed with a dilute acid, such as vineg[...]

XC brakes

27 May 2016 02:24
The eventing season is in full swing, so here I showcase my favourite bits for riding across country, available at the main site, Ringed ContinentalThis bit – also known as the Dutch Gag or Bubble Gag - is available with three or four cheek rings, in most of the commonly seen mouthpieces, and in several materials. (The French Link is pictured above). It us ofte[...]