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A Horse's Ode To His Owner

04 December 2017 05:31
I can’t stay out - Mum, it''s cold outside. I need more rugs! Mum, it’s cold outside. A thick Weatherbeeta please would be... So very nice - just feel my ears! They''re just like ice. Without my Roma Satin Shoulder Guard, I’ll worry. A Horseware Amigo Hero 6 plus Turnout Rug - I’m in a hurry! I warn you, I will pace the floor - Listen to my horsey-roar! I need a Saxon 600 Standard Neck Lite[...]

A Horsey Wife’s Xmas Wish List

04 December 2017 05:27
Husband baby, some Gripfast cotton gloves under the tree please, for me Been an awful good girl, Husband baby, Dublin River Boots wrapped up tonight!   Husband baby, Shires Wessex Ladies Jodhpurs in blue. I''ll wait up for you dear, Husband baby. Or wrap a Saddlery Shop voucher tonight!   Husband baby, some Dublin riding socks, that''s not a lot? Bought no horses all year! Husband baby, [...]

Festive Gifts For The Female Equestrian Enthusiast

04 December 2017 05:21
Festive gifts for the female equestrian enthusiast Christmas gifting can give the person buying the gift as much pleasure as the person receiving the item! And if you’re loved one enjoys horse riding or has her own horse, there’s a multitude of presents that you can choose that will be just perfect for your female horsey friend, wife, daughter or family member. Here, we look at some of the most [...]

Hoof Care For Horses

24 October 2017 06:08
We are all too familiar with the old proverb “no foot, no horse” and it still couldn’t be truer today. Hoof health is indisputably important, as neglected hooves can lead to discomfort, pain, disfigurement and even lameness. But what effect did the dry summer have on our equines’ hooves? Firstly, it is worth noting that a dry hoof is better than a wet hoof excess moisture causes the bonds within [...]

Horse Stirrups: A Buyer's Guide

24 October 2017 05:47
Do you give much thought to your stirrups and stirrup irons? Maybe they came with your saddle... or you have simply changed your old irons onto a new saddle, with little thought for whether they suit the style and design of the saddle. And do you regularly check that your stirrup leathers and irons are safe and functional? For most of us, they are a well-used part of our tack and equipment arsenal[...]

Autumn Turnout Rugs

29 September 2017 04:43
As we head into October - where has the time gone?! - we can thank our lucky stars for a beautiful summer that has allowed most of us to really enjoy our riding, with lots of balmy hacking and events. But just weeks away now is the start of Autumn, and of course the impending clipping and rugging plans for many working horses. The end of September heralds around three months of the Autumn season -[...]

The History Of Dressage Markers

29 September 2017 04:30
The standard A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F markers are commonly used in a dressage arena but do you know their history? While dressage is thought to have been practised for hundreds and  thousands of years, arena markers were not introduced formally into dressage competitions until the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, using a 60m x 20m arena. Arena letters Although there are several theories regarding [...]

Horse Riding Gloves

29 August 2017 10:19
We all know that riding gloves are a boon to our horse riding, no matter what discipline we prefer - they improve contact, and also save our hands from being made sore from pressure or slippage! But how do we choose from such a wide range of riding gloves? Despite there being gloves available for a diverse range of equestrian disciplines, including show jumping, dressage, hunting, eventing, dri[...]

Measuring Barefoot Horses For Hoof Boots

06 July 2017 06:04
Our customers at The Saddlery Shop know that when choosing boots, you need to establish the right size. Here are our top tips! You should measure your horse''s hooves within seven days of a fresh trim, taking the width and length in mm. Width is taken at the widest point of the horse’s hoof (normally approximately halfway or slightly over halfway towards the heel from the toe). The length is taken[...]

Head Shaking When Ridden

02 June 2017 12:06
If your horse is head shaking during ridden work, it is firstly essential to distinguish whether the head shaking is behavioral due to issues like discomfort from the tack or the bit, or whether your horse is suffering with a sinus or tooth issue, or a serious neurological problem. If after a visit from your veterinarian they are unable to detect signs of major damage to the sensory nerves or a si[...]