NEW Easyboot RX2 Therapy Boot

05 April 2024 03:24
The Easyboot RX2 is the updated version of the very popular original RX hoof boot. Thsi therapy hoof boot has been designed to aid horses with chronic foot/ leg problems and is ideal for supporting recovery from laminitis, plus the RX2 is Easycare''s most robust therapy hoof boot yet! The Easyboot RX2 is light weight, and features a rocker bottom tread pattern to help ease the stride and reduce [...]

The Saddlery Shop's Guide to Grooming Part 1: Hoof Picks

04 March 2024 03:21
Unveiling the Importance of Hoof Picks: A Guide to Proper Hoof Cleaning for Your Horse Introduction: Taking care of your horse''s hooves is an essential aspect of equine care. Clean and healthy hooves are crucial for your horse''s overall well-being, as they play a significant role in weight-bearing, shock absorption, and maintaining balance. One of the fundamental tools for hoof care is the hum[...]

Children's Riding Boots

05 July 2018 01:50
Online shopping is a great way to choose children''s riding boots - just make sure you select the right size based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, and choose a company like The Saddlery Shop, as we offer full exchange or refund within 14 days. Think about what socks your child may be wearing, in case this influences the choice of whether to ‘go up’ a size of riding boot. Once you get the riding [...]

Types of Neck: Separates and Integrated Necks for Horse Rugs

22 March 2018 05:03
Horse rugs come in several styles these days, with three main types of neck styles available. They are: without a neck, with an integrated neck, and with a detachable neck.Both turnout and stable rugs come with these ‘neck style’ choices. Horse Rugs Without A Neck Usually called ‘standard neck’ rugs, rugs without a neck finish at the withers and close at the chest. They are ideal for Spring and [...]

Best Winter Yard Boots

31 January 2018 06:14
The best winter yard boots will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable, regardless of what the British weather throws at you. And it''s certainly been throwing a lot of chilly weather at us horse and pony owners lately! Country boots have taken over from wellies in recent times for every day wear, and in the winter, your Country Boots need to be able to cope with a lot! So whether you are wadin[...]

Winter Horse Riding Advice

31 January 2018 05:53
Now we''re into January, it''s trickier to coordinate our winter riding – not least because of the reduced daylight and slippery conditions. However, it is possible to maintain equine fitness by adapting our schooling programmes to include careful hacking, lungeing and slow manege work. Here are my top five tips for riding in the winter! If your problem is simply one of time, consider lunging to [...]

Hoof Care Advice For Winter

31 January 2018 05:42
We''ve only had little snippets of early morning winter wonderlands outside so far, but the sharp, crisper mornings are surely just around the corner. The winter season runs from the first of December to the 28th of February the winter solstice on 21 December was the shortest day, when the sun rose latest, and set earliest. At least spring is now counting down! Anyway, as our friends and customer[...]

A Horse's Ode To His Owner

04 December 2017 05:31
I can’t stay out - Mum, it''s cold outside. I need more rugs! Mum, it’s cold outside. A thick Weatherbeeta please would be... So very nice - just feel my ears! They''re just like ice. Without my Roma Satin Shoulder Guard, I’ll worry. A Horseware Amigo Hero 6 plus Turnout Rug - I’m in a hurry! I warn you, I will pace the floor - Listen to my horsey-roar! I need a Saxon 600 Standard Neck Lite[...]

A Horsey Wife’s Xmas Wish List

04 December 2017 05:27
Husband baby, some Gripfast cotton gloves under the tree please, for me Been an awful good girl, Husband baby, Dublin River Boots wrapped up tonight!   Husband baby, Shires Wessex Ladies Jodhpurs in blue. I''ll wait up for you dear, Husband baby. Or wrap a Saddlery Shop voucher tonight!   Husband baby, some Dublin riding socks, that''s not a lot? Bought no horses all year! Husband baby, [...]

Festive Gifts For The Female Equestrian Enthusiast

04 December 2017 05:21
Festive gifts for the female equestrian enthusiast Christmas gifting can give the person buying the gift as much pleasure as the person receiving the item! And if you’re loved one enjoys horse riding or has her own horse, there’s a multitude of presents that you can choose that will be just perfect for your female horsey friend, wife, daughter or family member. Here, we look at some of the most [...]


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