How to measure a Horse for Hoof Boots

Please ensure you measure your horse yourself, in mm (not in cm or inch conversion as this is not accurate enough) and just after a fresh trim or at most within 7 days.

The measurements must be taken on a barehoof, not from a tracing of the hoof or whilst a shoe is still in place.

The width is taken at the widest point of the horses hoof (not just to the bevelled edge but the actual width), and the length is taken to the heel butress. The butress, as shown in the diagram, is the last weight bearing surface of the hoof wall (imagine the area a horseshoe would contact) and should be in a natural position.

How to measure a horse for hoof boots

If the heels are under run or not in a natural position please measure to where the heels would be in a healthy hoof. Do not include the back of the frog or any fleshy part of the heel.
It is helpful to hold a straight edge across the back of the end of the heel buttress (dotted line above) to measure to the toe as shown.

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Please ensure you make us aware of any abnormatilies in the hoof capsule such as flare, old injuries, under run or upright heels, boxy hoof or flat soles etc as this could effect our recommendation.


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