Hiring hoof boots

If you are in any doubt about which hoof boots will suit your horse, the best solution is to hire them to enable you to give the boots a proper road test before deciding if they are the right ones for your horse. Boots for hire are purchase in the same way any other product on our website, but you have the ability to use the boots for up to 14 days, and the choice to return them for a refund (minus the hire charge). Hoof boots are hired in pairs, even if they can be bought individually.

How to hire hoof boots

Hoof boots are hired in pairs of the same size, even if they are available to buy singly so please ensure that for boots sold singularly, you add two boots to the basket both with a hire option. Hoof boots that are being hired must only be used for ridden work/ driving and both boots must be used to ensure even wear. The hire scheme is not for boots to be used as turnout boots, poultice boots or any other Hoof boots that are supplied in pairs need only one unit to be able to hire. If the option to hire does not appear on the product listing, that style of hoof boot is not available to hire at this time. To hire a pair of hoof boots, just select the Hire option from the menu when offered the choice of buy or hire. You then purchase the item as you would any other item from our site, but have the option to return the hoof boots after trying them for 14 days (starting from the day after you sign for the parcel and finishing on the day you send the parcel back to us) for a refund less the hire charge. If you wish to keep the hoof boots for longer, you may do so at a weekly rate of half the fortnightly hire charge (if you eventually decide to keep the hoof boots you will still have no hire cost to pay however many weeks you have retained them).

How hiring hoof boots works

When hiring a pair of hoof boots, you initially pay the full cost of the boots, and we will send you either a new pair (over 85% of the time) or a previously hired pair (which will include all the same details and accessories as the new ones) if there is a pair available (please note we are not able to accept requests for new boots to be sent in preference of hired boots, if a hire pair is available they will be sent). You are then able to use the boots for upto 14 days (starting from the day after you sign for the parcel and finishing on the day you send the parcel back to us). At any time during this period, you can decide to:

• Buy the hoof boots - If you have been sent a new pair, simply keep them- there is no need to let us know as you have already paid for them. If you have been sent a hire pair, return them to us with the hire form sent out with each pair of hired boots (we recommend a recorded method of delivery for your security) with the section ticked to indicate you want a new pair of boots and sign to indicate we can charge for the return postage as detailed on the hire form.
• Return the boots- You will be refunded the price of the hoof boots less the hire charge. If you return the boots after 14 days, a further weekly hire charge per additional week will also be deducted from the refund.

Please note: The boots must be returned in acceptable condition, with only a reasonable amount of wear that can be attributed to the length of hire and for the purposes of testing the suitability of the boots for your horse (1-2 hours a day hacking, schooling etc is usual). Boots must only have been used for ‘supervised’ work under saddle, in hand or in harness, not for being left in the stable, turnout or medicinal reasons for example. Fair wear and tear is obviously acceptable, but broken, damaged or excessively/ unevenly worn boots will have either have the cost to repair them deducted from the refund, or will not be refunded at all if the repair cost is greater than the value of the boots (or no repair is possible).

Hire charges for hoof boots:

ALL boot styles and sizes except those listed below: £40 per 2 week hire (and £20 for every week thereafter).
Sizes 0-10 in the New Mac and New trail, All sizes in the Transition: £50 per 2 week hire (and £25 for every week thereafter).
Sizes 11-12 in the New Mac, New Trail, Trail (original) and Old Mac G2 sizes: £60 per 2 week hire (and £30 for every week thereafter).

Hoof boot hire scheme FAQ’s

Will I be sent out new boots/ Can I request new boot s only to be sent for hire?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to send out new boots for you to hire but in over 85% of cases new boots are sent out as the hire is so successful we have very few pairs returned to us. In order to be able to run the hire service, it is necessary for us to reuse returned boots if we have them available at the time and cannot send out new boots if we have used ones available at the time.

Do I have to pay the hire charge even if I don’t use them?
In order to run the hire service, we have to charge the hire charge on any hoof boot returned to us with any amount of wear or marking. This particularly applies if new boots have been sent, if they are returned in anything other than pristine condition (so they can be resold as new) we will charge the hire charge even if they have not been kept for the full hire period. If you are sent new hoof boots, and return them in the condition sent (brand new with all packaging etc with no marks or signs of wear) within 7 days of receipt we are able to give you a refund for the full purchase price. Outside of this condition, the hire charge will be payable in all cases.

When does the hire period start and how long is it for?
The hire period is for 14 days (10 working days and 2 weekends) and starts from the day after you receive your boots and ends the day you despatch them to return them to us. We recommend you return the boots to us using an insured and traceable method as the boot remain your responsibility until we sign that we have them back into our possession.

What happens if I loose or damage the boots whilst in my possession?
Whilst the hoof boots are in your possession, you are responsible for their care, and excepting fair wear and tear any damage will be deducted from the refund before it is processed as detailed above. We will email you to advise you of any additional charges and offer you the option to have the boots returned to you if you prefer (at your expense).

Can I hire 1 boot on its own?
No, hoof boots are always hired in pairs even if they are able to be purchased singly.

What if I decide I like them, but need a different size, do I still have to pay the hire charge on the pair I am returning?
If you require a larger size and return a hired smaller pair and they have been used, you will be charged hire on the returned pair.


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