Chapter Six

Fitting Hoof Boots

Chapter Seven

Booting Different Sized Horses

Chapter Eight

Using Hoof Boots for Rehabilitation

Hoof Boots for Shod Horses

Many barefoot horses will benefit from the use of modern hoof boots

They provide shock absorption on concussive surfaces and are used by many horse owners just through the transitionary process, e.g. when the horse is de-shod, until he is comfortable and has strong, conditioned feet.

We often get asked if hoof boots may be used over horse shoes, and the straightforward answer is that no, hoof boots are not designed to be used over horse shoes; doing so will more than likely invalidate any warranty that may be offered by the hoof boot manufacturer.

In addition, doing so could cause excessive wear or damage to the boots. Having said that, we have heard that some people use hoof boots over shoes for extra shock absorption on old or injured horses.

There’s also the potential for using hoof boots for extra protection over horse shoes whilst travelling, although again, this isn’t what the boots are designed for! However, their soles could provide extra support, as well as traction with the floor of the trailer or lorry if you have an anxious traveller. The Old Mac G2 or the New Mac normally fare best for use over horse shoes.

There’s also the potential to use a hoof boot on a horse that is usually shod if he loses one shoe. Ideally, planning ahead for such eventualities, you should measure your horses’ hooves with his shoes off (say, when he’s being shod, after your farrier has prepared each hoof for the new shoe). Then you will want to choose a hoof boot that is an appropriate size. The Easyboot Trail, Easyboot Glove Back Country, Easyboot Original and Easyboot Epic are all relatively easy boots to use and will work well as a ‘spare tyre’, and they are available to buy individually.

If you’re considering going from ‘shod’ to ‘bare’ and de-shoeing your horse, remember that a horse that is booted for one or two hours a day has all the advantages of modern hoof protection when they need it. Even when booted (in correctly-fitting hoof boots), a horse’s hoof function is not effected as it is in metal shoes, so the hoof is still ‘bare’ in essence, as far as the horse’s body and the hoof function is concerned, when wearing hoof boots


The Easyboot Trail, Glove Back Country, Original & Epic are all easy to use and work well as a ‘spare tyre’