Chapter Six

Fitting Hoof Boots

Chapter Seven

Booting Different Sized Horses

Chapter Eight

Using Hoof Boots for Rehabilitation

Easiest boots to fit

Today, many barefoot horses will benefit from the use of modern hoof boots, especially through the transitionary phase [after de shoeing] and sometimes beyond.

Modern hoof boots are used to increase weight distribution over a wider area on a hard, flat surface - they provide shock absorption on concussive surfaces and are used by many horse owners just through the transitionary process - e.g. when the horse is de-shod, until he is comfortable and has strong, conditioned feet.

A horse that is booted for one or two hours a day has all the advantages of modern hoof protection when they need it. Even when booted (in correctly-fitting hoof boots), a horse’s hoof function is not effected as it is in metal shoes, so the hoof is still ‘bare’ in essence, as far as the horse’s body and the hoof function is concerned, when wearing hoof boots.

Here are some top tips for boots that you may find easiest to fit on your barefoot horse:

Easycare’s New Trail

The New trail hoof boot is the very latest generation of hoof boots for barefoot horses. It features a more refined and improved upper, making it far more secure and much more resilient to damage. Features include a snug strap included as standard, so the new Trail is more suitable for faster work. The re-engineered back strap features high quality hook and loop instead of a buckle (on the old snug straps) making the strap much easier to use, especially with cold or stiff hands. This back strap is also removable and replaceable, and can be reversed to make a boot fit a left or right hoof. The back flaps are now made with a superior hook and loop material, and give a thinner profile, thus giving less room for debris to become trapped. The back now features the comfort cup of the Back Country boot, which not only gives a stronger back closure and thinner profile, but also offers greater comfort. Importantly, the New Trail horse boots can be fastened whilst the hoof is on the ground, so are ideal for horses that dislike having a hoof up for any period of time. New Trail boots open right out to allow entry of the foot.


Cavallo Trek hoof boot

This hoof boot is ultra simple to put on and off. It's not just the rider who benefits from the design - your horse will appreciate how the Cavallo Trek absorbs shocks and concussion over a variety of terrains. This is an extremely lightweight hoof boot for barefoot horses, and is available for both left and right hooves, to make it comfy and as well fitting. It has a replaceable Velcro closure system and fits left or right hooves.


Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes

There are two great boots in this range that we like for ease of fitting. The Equine Fusion Ultimate Jogging Shoes have a new fastening system that makes these hoof boots ideal for barefoot horse owners that are new to hoof boots, or have a barefoot horse or pony that is slightly tricky to fit, due to the boots’ forgiving nature. The Ultimate Equine Fusion jogging shoe are sold in singles, so you can match the size you need to each individual hoof. Its ‘sister’ product, the All Terrain Jogging Shoe has the same flexible stlying, but with a slightly thicker sole to offer more protection, and a slightly different tread pattern to give better grip on some surfaces.