Chapter Six

Fitting Hoof Boots

Chapter Seven

Booting Different Sized Horses

Chapter Eight

Using Hoof Boots for Rehabilitation

Booting different sized equines: ponies

Firstly when choosing hoof boots for barefoot horses, you need to establish the right size.

You should measure your horse or pony’s hooves within seven days of a fresh trim, taking the width and length in mm. Width is taken at the widest point of the hoof (normally approximately halfway or slightly over halfway towards the heel from the toe). The length is taken to be the weight bearing surface of the hoof; do not include the frog/fleshy part of the heel.


There are hoof boots to fit all sizes of barefoot horse or pony. But of course, manufacturers do veer toward the most commonly seen or ‘average’ hoof shapes; this makes sound business sense, and is just about meeting demand on a large scale. Thus, if you have an equine with exceptionally large or exceptionally small feet, the choice will be smaller.

Horses and ponies’ hooves grow in a variety of shapes based on their individual conditions, genetics, etc, but healthy hooves do definitely share similar characteristics, whether the equine is large or small. Speak with your hoofcare practitioner about your equine’s hoof health.

It is common for ponies’ hooves to be slightly longer than wide (approx 5-10mm longer than width measurement), and most hoof boots do tend to accommodate this shape.

The Equine Fusion Ultimate Jogging Shoes start from a size seven, which fits a hoof that is just 66 – 75mm long by up to 70mm wide. From a size nine to sixteen, the Ultimate hoof boot also comes in a Slim size, that fit a narrower hoof. This wide size range makes the Ultimates ideal for many ponies.

Easyboot epic hoof boots also suit fairly small hooves - the smallest size, pony, is suitable for hooves measuring 78 - 85mm wide and 85 - 92mm long. these are very popular boots for many riders (and carriage drivers) as the hoof boot fits below the hairline

Easycare Easyboot Mini Hoof Boot , is a boot that has been designed especially for the very smallest equines and foals and comes in sizes starting at just 44mm across.

Don’t forget that comfort pads may be used within the boots - so for a pony that is in between sizes, it is often better to go up a size, so that pads may be used.

Top tip

When measuring, it is helpful for accuracy to hold a straight edge (like a short ruler) across the back of the heel buttresses and also across the toe area, bisecting the frog to the line you have formed. If your barefoot horse has very upright or under run heels, you will need to envisage where the heel should be if the hoof were more normal conformation, and take your measurements to that point, and not the actual termination of the horny heel.

Once you have determined the width and length of the hooves you wish to use a hoof boot on, contact your retailer for advice, as they will know what type of boots would suit your horse or pony’s feet. You are aiming for a close a fit as possible, with both the width and length of the hooves fitting into the measurements for the same size of boot.


Hold a straight edge across the back of the heel buttresses & the toe area, bisecting the frog to the line you have formed.