Chapter Six

Fitting Hoof Boots

Chapter Seven

Booting Different Sized Horses

Chapter Eight

Using Hoof Boots for Rehabilitation

Best for leisure horses

Today, many barefoot horses will benefit from the use of modern hoof boots, especially through the transitionary phase [after de shoeing] and sometimes beyond.

Modern hoof boots are used to increase weight distribution over a wider area on a hard, flat surface - they provide shock absorption on concussive surfaces and are used by many horse owners just through the transitionary process - e.g. when the horse is de-shod, until he is comfortable and has strong, conditioned feet.

A horse that is booted for one or two hours a day has all the advantages of modern hoof protection when they need it. Even when booted (in correctly-fitting hoof boots), a horse’s hoof function is not effected as it is in metal shoes, so the hoof is still ‘bare’ in essence, as far as the horse’s body and the hoof function is concerned, when wearing hoof boots.

Of course, the best hoof boot for any owner of a barefoot horse is one that fits the horse! But here are some top tips for boots that are generically recommended as being ideal for leisure horses:

Cavallo Trek hoof boot

This hoof boot is very simple to put on and off and the manufacturers rightly claim that the Cavallo Trek absorbs shock and concussion over a variety of terrains. This is an extremely lightweight hoof boot for barefoot horses, and is available for both left and right hooves, to make it comfy and well-fitting. It has a replaceable Velcro closure system. All of Cavallo’s hoof boots have easy Velcro fastening systems, and a nicely padded cuff for comfort. This hoof boot’s Pro Mesh moulded TPU upper has good tear strength and abrasion resistance, meaning it should last well for a rider doing leisure activities with their horse. The Treks are recommended for up to 25 miles of riding at a time.

New Mac

Easycare’s New Mac hoof boots are the latest generation 'Old Mac' hoof boot. The New Mac has a unique, high-tech performance outer-sole, incorporating the unique 'hoof suspension system'. The sole of the hoof boot is constructed from ThermoPlastic Urethane, which absorbs shock and aids recovery from concussion-related injuries, as well as helping to prevent them. This ThermoPlastic Urethane sole helps make the New Macs a very durable option for anyone doing leisure riding with their horse or pony. The upper roll on the New Mac also now features a double neoprene roll for comfort, while the inner roll is a close weave, to help prevent burrs sticking and embedding into the fabric - ideal for people that hack! The New Macs are recommended for up to 25 miles of riding at a time.

New Trail

Easycare’s New Trail hoof boot is an update on the original Trail hoof boot. According to the manufacturers, the upper of the hoof boot had been made more durable with the addition of a wrap-around shield. This front shield has been painted from the reverse, so the boot’s protective covering will not scratch off or lose its colour. The rivets have been made bigger and the upper rim of the boot has been made with neoprene, to make it more comfortable. Like the New Mac, the New Trail now boasts two rolls of cushioning at the top, instead of the single leather roll of the classic Trail hoof boot. It has an internal tubular webbing pastern strap, a wrap-style frontage, Velcro style closure and a removable Velcro security strap. All of these improvements help to make the New Trail ideal for leisure riders. The New Trail hoof boots are recommended for up to 25 miles of riding at a time.

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