Vettec Products for Easyboot Glue On Hoof Boots

Wed, 16 Jun 2010 19:38:00

The Saddlery Shop has added the vettec products recommended for use with the Easyboot Glue On to our range! We will be stocking the Vettec adhere, which is the adhesive compound use to secure the boots to the hoof wall, the Equi-pak CS and the tools needed to use the products. We chose to stock only the Equi-Pak CS as our UK climate is so very wet (apart from as I write this post!) and thrush of some sort is almost inevitable. Equi-pak CS is also a fantastic tool for shod horses with bad thrush, or those prone to thrush. We felt it was best practice to always use a product that will inhibit (and even help to address the problem of) thrush so that when the boots were removed after the recommended 5 - 10 days there would always be a nice healthy looking frog to reveal! We are also offering a complete Vettec starter kit with everything you need to apply the Glue-on hoof boots including a handbook and instructional DVD.
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