Peewee Bit £15 Off - 1 week only!

Tue, 16 Feb 2010 10:11:00

For one week only, The Saddlery Shop are offering the Peewee bit cheaper than ever before, just £29.99! You will probably never see this again, so hurry and buy one before the price goes back up on the 23rd February. The Peewee bit is a revolutionary new bit imported exclusively by The Saddlery Shop for sale in the UK. The Pee Wee bit is constructed with stainless steel bit rings and side bars, but the mouthpiece is made from "sweet iron" which oxidises to produce a sweet taste that horses enjoy. The Peewee bit is very unobtrusive, and most horse prefer the feel and action of the bit to an ordinary thick snaffle. The mullen mouth prevents the palate from being jabbed, and there is no nutcracker action. The sweet iron mouthpiece tastes sweet and keeps the mouth soft. This is a one of kind bit, every good horseman should have one in their collection, and now is certainly the time to buy one!
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