New Breed of Fly Mask- Updated!

Tue, 08 Jun 2010 12:34:00

The About tack fly visor was introduced to our range just a couple of weeks ago, and has lept to being one of the most popular fly products we sell in such a short time! The About Tack Fly Visor is a product we discovered by accident, and just had to stock! It is a revolutionary fly mask for horses and ponies, that ensures the horse keeps cool and comfortable with no danger of the mask interfering with the horses eyes. Every detail has been carefully thought through, the colour has been chosen to ensure the horses head stays cool, but the black mesh allows maximum vision. The Fly Visor was designed in the US by a qualified engineer (who also happens to be an avid horse lover), and has been tested and refined over several years to get to where it is today. The fly visors innovative design ensures that even hard-to-fit horses get plenty of eye clearance. Soft stretch mesh encompasses the nose and underside of the jaw, ensuring a snug fit, whilst providing a little extra protection against biting insects. The medium will fit most horses from 14.2hh through 16.2hh, if your horse takes a cob or full size bridle medium is the size for him. They may look a little different, but this is the secret of their success as they will not touch the horses eyes or eyelashes, even if the horse has an unusual shaped head. This is an email we received today from a satisfied customer in Rutland:

"Just thought I would write a bit about the About Fly Tack Visor. I put it on my horse and thought it was brilliant - it didn't touch his eyes or his eye lashes and he didn't mind the 'contraption' at all. We all thought he looked like a bee keeper in it! When I turned him out in his field (he lives with 1 mare and 1 gelding) the gelding took to his hooves and wouldn't go near my horse. I haven't laughed so much for a long time. The mare didn't react at all, but the other gelding stayed a very save distance away from this being from Mars, who had just entered the field. So far the Fly Visor is ok (he has only had it on for 1/2 day so far) and I always take them off at night, so that they can see better. I bought a medium size and my horse nearly always take large and it fits just fine. It took my a while to work out how to put it together, but then I am blonde!"
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