Laminitic Ponies and Grazing Muzzles

Wed, 26 May 2010 09:53:00

When you have a horse or pony diagnosed or predisposed with Laminitis, one of the first things the vet will tell you to do is restrict the intake of grass. Most grazing muzzles will allow your horse to drink but not graze at all. One of the best designed muzzles, that will allow your horse or pony to have some grass, is the Greenguard grazing muzzle . Unlike other grass muzzles, the green guard grazing muzzle will still allow small pieces of grass through its slotted base thus allowing you to keep the horse or pony in a large field or with companions. Exercise is paramount to laminitis too, so being able to keep the laminitic pony in a large field still is extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. A matching greenguard headcollar is also available to keep the grazing muzzle in the optimum position. The greenguard grass muzzle is made in two sizes, pony to fit most horses upto 13.2hh and cob/full for ponies and horses over 13.2hh.
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